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Buy now, pay later.
Get free net terms on purchases from Sawdust & Embers LLC—without any fees or interest
Boost your purchasing power.
If approved, you’ll get a revolving credit line, up to $100K, to spend with your vendors on Fundbox so you can buy what you need.
Stay in control.
After your free net terms end, you can optionally extend your repayment week-to-week for- up to one year, in most U.S. states - for a flat weekly fee1.
How do our net terms work?
Say you want to make a purchase for $2,000 on terms.
Place an order with us as usual and we will send an invoice to your Fundbox account. If you make the purchase online, just select Fundbox as your payment method when you check out.

Fundbox then sends us $2,000 from your Fundbox account right away, and your free net terms start 2. You have until the end of the net terms period to pay Fundbox. If you want more flexibility after your free terms end, you can optionally extend your repayment week-to-week - up to one year, in most U.S. states1 - for a flat weekly fee. Pay in full at any time without penalty.

2 A completed and approved application is required for net terms.

Say you wanted to make a purchase worth


During net terms $0 due
After net terms end $4593

due each Wednesday.

Contains $7.47 in fees

Sawdust & Embers LLC's business credit program is powered by Fundbox. Fundbox is trusted by over 100,000 small businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions
Apply for net terms by providing a few basic details about your business. Fundbox may ask for additional data from your business checking account, credit report or other sources. If you use your credit report as a data source, Fundbox will do a soft inquiry for initial assessment, which will not affect your credit score. Your data will be reviewed and you’ll get a decision quickly. If for any reason it’s taking longer than usual to assess your data, you won’t need to wait around. Fundbox will let you know right away that they need a little extra time to process your application and will send you and email when your decision is ready. Learn more about applying for net terms.
No. If you use your credit report as a data source, Fundbox will do a soft inquiry for initial assessment, which will not affect your credit score. Fundbox will only do a hard inquiry when you use your Fundbox credit for the first time. Fundbox may also do periodic soft inquiries for credit reassessment. Learn more about our optional soft credit pull.
No. There is no interest or fee for purchasing with net terms. The amount due at the end of the net terms is exactly the same as the amount of the original purchase. We pay an interchange fee to accept payment with Fundbox just like with credit card payments. Making business purchases with Fundbox means we get paid right away while you can pay later—it’s a win-win! Learn more about free net terms.
To pay in full when your net terms end, go to your dashboard. Simply find the order you would like to pay for on your Purchases tab, and click on “Review to Pay in Full”. The outstanding balance will be added to your next regularly scheduled automatic debit, which is the upcoming Wednesday. Whenever you make a payment, your credit limit goes back up. Your credit is usually replenished within 3 business days of a successful payment. Learn more about payments when net terms end.
In most U.S. states at the end of the net terms period, you will automatically enter extended terms—a 52-week repayment plan where your weekly payment plus weekly interest amount are automatically debited from the business checking account you provide to Fundbox. Remember, you only pay interest on the weeks you use. You can pay in full anytime during extended terms and Fundbox will waive all remaining interest. Weekly debits are made automatically every Wednesday at 10am PST.

In states or for accounts where extended terms are not available, the entire purchase amount will be automatically debited at the end of the net terms period, with no interest or fees. Learn more about optional extended financing.
You can make business purchases through Fundbox to get net terms for any amount above $100 and up to your credit limit. Here are ways to use Fundbox with us:

 1. You can accept an invoice sent by us, from your dashboard.
 2. You can initiate sending funds from your Fundbox credit to us.*
 3. You may be able to choose “Fundbox” as your payment method when you order online.

Next, Fundbox will send us funds from your Fundbox credit line. Once those funds are processed, your net terms will begin. Learn more about purchasing with Fundbox to get net terms.

*in most U.S. states